A unique way to create memories for you & your guests

The Retrobooth captures the feel of a vintage rangefinder camera and quickly delivers a printed photo strip to your guests.

A custom package for each event

We know that the needs of your event are unique, and we are prepared to tailor our services to just the right combination for you.

Custom overlay templates

We offer design services to customize the printout overlay. Want it to match all the elements at your wedding? No problem.

Professional Photographer

Our camera operators are skilled at setting up the best look possible, so you and your guests look their best

Backdrop selection

We offer backdrops in a variety of styles, but of course you are free to use your own custom setting or the existing decor at the event site.

Two printout sizes to choose from

Choose a single 4×6 printout or two 2×6 photo strips.

Fast setup and removal

Our team can be set up and running within minutes, and when the event time is over we are quick to exit.

A memory to keep

Enjoy the optional photo album from your event and see what fun your guests were having.

The coolest photo booth in history

You and your guests can directly interact with The Retrobooth. Click the trigger on top to start the session, just like an old camera.

Vintage look and feel

  • The Retrobooth is inspired by classic rangefinder cameras
  • Vintage tripod
  • Printer hidden in ‘film’ box

Quick printouts for your guests

  • Fast industrial grade printer
  • Prints are usually available in less than a minute
  • Choose from 4×6 or 2×6 strips